5th Grade Field Trip!

Middle School students sure are getting around town these days!

On Thursday, May 9, 2013, 5th Grade students from Webster City Middle School attended the Environmental Agriculture Day in Eagle Grove. Iowa State University puts on this event, along with New Cooperative.

“This is a great trip for our students to learn some really good information that affects them every day,” teacher Kelly Johnson said.

She’s not the only teacher to think so.

“Environmental Agriculture Day is always full of great information for our 5th Grade students,” teacher Rochelle Sadler said. “They learn so much about the various aspects of how our state’s agriculture helps the world, as well as ways to be safe in today’s society in terms of chemicals and the sun.”

Stations are set up on the Wright County Fair Grounds. These stations are interactive for students to learn where our food comes from.

One of the stations was called Sun Safety.

“Sun Safety was the best because we got a bracelet,” student Hannah D. said. “It has two beads and when you’re in the sunlight, the beads change from white to a bright color. The UV rays hits the beads to change the color.”


Another station was about water.

“Why Water was fun,” student Lincoln L. said. “The water table was a good way to see how a river flows and what can happen when trash, cards, and other things that don’t belong in the river get into the flow.”


Students also learned that humans eat DNA!

“It’s hard to believe we eat miles of DNA each day,” student Xavier A. said.


“This is a great educational experience for the students,” teacher Megan Wihlm said. “What is common knowledge to most adults, students were hearing for the first time.”


Iowa is known for their sweet corn, but what else did students learn about corn?

“A lot of things we buy in the grocery store are made from corn and soy beans,” student Claire G. said. “Golf tees, socks, and credit cards can all be made from corn and soy beans.”

Below are some more photos from this fun and educational field trip:




And luckily, the weather cooperated this year!

“I’m just happy it didn’t snow,” teacher Christina Moline said. “The kids enjoy having some hands-on learning and realize that Iowa agriculture has a big impact on our world.”


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